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Where are we?

We are located near the main square named Giardini. Although in the centre, we are still isolated from the city crowd that enables our guests to rest.
We are located in the very centre, close to the historic heritage of Pula. There are many historical monuments worth visiting, like the Roman amphitheatre, Arch of the Sergii, Gate of Hercules, Twin Gate, Temple of Augustus, Roman Forum, Roman theatre, chapel of St. Mary Formosa and the archaeological Museum of Istria.

Also in our vicinity there are bus station, bus terminal, souvenir and local shops. We are a 5 minute drive away from the local beach and 10 minute drive away from pula airport.


Vl. Eljver Rača, U.O. "Galija" 
Epulonova 3, 52 100 Pula, Croatia

tel.: +385 52 383 802
fax.: +385 52 383 804

reception: +385992542355
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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If you have any questions we will be pleased to answer them.

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The staff of Hotel Galija wishes you all the best!

Vl. Eljver Rača U.O.Galija
Epulonova ul. 3
52100 Pula
OIB: 03728232878
MB: 1905959363001